The Corporate Governance Committee ensures the Board’s effectiveness and due observance of corporate governance principles by reviewing all of the Group’s corporate governance initiatives. In addition to this key function, the Corporate Governance Committee, which consists of only Independent Directors, also functions as the Group’s Related Party Transaction Committee.

The Corporate Governance Committee when acting as the Group’s Related Party Transaction Committee, passes upon and provides clearance for Related Party transactions which are of material significance, after assessing whether the terms and conditions of the transaction are appropriate, fair, made on arm’s length basis, and beneficial to the Group and its shareholders.

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Big Time’s Board of Committees exercises authority over specific aspects of the Group’s business through various Board Committees, which meet as often as necessary. Each Committee is governed by a Committee Charter under the Manual. The Manual and Committee Charters are reviewed and amended manually to reflect corporate governance best practices adopted by Corporation. The latest version of each Committee Charter may be downloaded from Big Time website.

Big Time’s Board is responsible for fostering the long – term success of the Group, its growth sustenance and the conformity of our operations to market trends and geopolitical landscapes in countries where our businesses continue to operate. It provides an independent check on the executive committee in the setting of corporate policies and the accomplishment of corporate objectives.

The Board provides sound strategic policies and guidelines on major investments and capital expenditures. It periodically evaluates and monitors the implementation of the same, including but not limited to, business and operating plans, budgets and performance management; identifying key risk areas and performance indicators and monitoring the same to anticipate and prepare for possible threats to the Group’s operational and financial viability; formulating and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and the transparency of related party transactions; and keeping the activities and decisions of the Board within its authority under the articles of incorporation and By-laws, and in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.

Big Time Holdings, Inc. is one of the Conglomerates that are owned and controlled by Mandla J. Gwadiso through Brooklyn Throne Inc. – one of the largest and privately owned holding companies in America. Since Big Time went public, we have been very steadfast in transparency, honesty and in our experience that good corporate governance is central to the pre-eminent image, prevailing growth and immutable strength of our businesses.

Given the magnitude of the density of our global operations, the extent of the diversity of our businesses, our decision – making process is considerate to these issues, responsive to requests of our global management teams in a bid to expedite consummation of transactions, appreciative to our steadfastness in our bid to protect the interest of our shareholders and enabling to our commitment to our long – term profitability strategy over short-sightedness.

We have above standard oversight control structures to validate management decisions while ensuring total conformity, complete adherence and compliance to all regulatory guidelines and ma000intaining that our practices meet the global requirements. To this effect, we have developed corporate governance internal policies and procedures and voluntary embedded global frameworks in our structures to boost sustainable development.

Big Time Holdings, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate with great focus in Aviation, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Banking, Energy, Mining, Technology, Agriculture, Cannabis, Manufacturing, Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming, Hospitality, Media, Entertainment, Steel, Financial Services, Biotech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Construction. Big Time parents a group of decentralized companies with a diverse and yet integrated global operations. Big Time owns cash generating businesses through complex structures that help to manage all operations in a manner that improves efficiency and profitability.

Big Time actively looks for and has a select portfolio of good quality businesses which it sources based on a number of elements that help to reduce risk, improve profitability, and enhance shareholder value while empowering the communities in which its businesses continue to operate.


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