Founder’s Message

Good God, it has been a very long journey, humps were more than I could count but through it all, all I have seen is the grace of God. If I were to count the many times I have failed, it would have been as hard as counting my hair, yet failure has taught me a few lessons that lead to it, namely; 

  1. Inability to contextualize 
  2. Inability to plan
  3. Inability to visualize
  4. Inability to believe in oneself
  5. Inability to have courage
  6. Inability to take risks
  7. Inability to dream big
  8. Inability to try big
  9. Inability to pray
  10. Inability to trust God
  11. Inability to believe in others
  12. Inability to delegate
  13. Inability to administer one’s strengths and weaknesses
  14. Inability to know and admit one’s limitations
  15. Inability to thank God for every lesson learned and every blessing unseen
  16. Inability to serve God

All these listed elements which I fully master now, made me realize that failure is the predecessor of success and that without it, one will never realize his or her potential. Today people talk about my successes, because they refuse to recognise my failures. as Barry Bonds is not glorified for his strikeouts, but you won’t hear about the strikeouts, today he is rated as the highest home run hitter of all times. I have made great success thus far, but I am aware that there is still much to do. We live in the millennia, a world full of opportunities and technologies that help improve how businesses are conducted, yet there is no technology that can help one find nuggets nor help you invent the best of the best innovations. It takes a character leader that has seen much, lost much, failed much, tried much, ridiculed much, untrusted much, disapproved much, not supported much and yet refused to quit to know that good opportunities look like hard work, they don’t come fancy like a Rolex in a goodie bag and you won’t pay a dime for them to own them but spend a little to bring them to fruition. 

Big Time is led by me, a notable leader of value creation, someone who will spend no money to find gems, yet spend a little change to clean them up and turn them into hard cash. I work with people who have help visionaries like me to create profitable businesses that continue to make a difference today. An investment in Big Time, is an investment in me, there is no investment that has no level of risk, I take risks every day because I am turned on by the gains they bring, so putting your money in Big Time, is betting on a character leader that will either go big or go home. 

It is my dream to see Big Time as one of the biggest conglomerates in the next 10 years, it is my goal to make billions of dollars for our shareholders within that time but it will take good courage, ambition, commitment and consistence which elements drive me every day. If you are looking for short – term gains, then Big Time is not for you, because it takes time to be a great.

Best Regards

Mandla J. Gwadiso



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