It is by God’s grace that we made it this far, Alhamdulillah.

Investor Relations

Big Time Holdings, Inc. is a next generation conglomerate committed to empowering communities across our operations.

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Our Culture

First and foremost, we are God’s people who take refuge in our faith and fear for the Lord. Culture is a way of life - John 14:6

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We recognize your need to learn and grow and your desire to reach great heights in your career aspirations.

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Our Mission

To be a good home to our employees, a good partner to our stakeholders and a preferred steward of our shareholders wealth.

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Our current Management Team is comprised of highly skilled men and women, who have wealth of experience in the different industries where our businesses operate.

Big Time’s Board of Committees exercises authority over specific aspects of the Group’s business through various Board Committees, currently six, which meet as often as necessary. Each Committee is governed by a Committee Charter under the Manual.

Our Leadership Team has been charting the growth of many leading companies across the globe, and continue to play a remarkable role in leveraging our inherent strengths.

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It Is About Time

About time that a new breed of innovators come to the fore and take a centre stage to what will become a future of investor protection, shareholder value enhancement and profitability retention.

We are doing away with routines or conservative ways of running, building and managing businesses that have become a global uniform of doing things.

Today, we are the future of eternity.

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